Sing and Shine Warm Ups

Sanna Valvanne – FI

Sanna’s Workshop: Sing & Shine Warm Ups

Sanna Valvanne and her Sing & Shine choral method empower people from all ages and backgrounds to express music with the whole being. She is known for her unconventional and playful warm ups which include movement, imagination, group-dynamics and improvisation. The creative exercises energize, engage, warm and free up not only the voice, but the body, mind and feelings as well, resulting in a safe singing environment and shiny happy singers.  Sanna developed her unique approach in 1994 as a young music student and the vocal trainer of the world famous Tapiola Choir, aiming to free herself and fellow singers from the fears that had blocked her own voice. 

Sanna Valvanne is one of the most international and innovative Finnish choir conductors, the founding director of the Sing & Shine Choirs, and the Artistic Director of the 2017 Tampere Vocal Festival. She is recognized  for her creative choral method “Sing and Shine with Body and Soul”, and has been a popular guest conductor with hundreds of choirs and festivals around the world since 1994. A former singer, conductor’s assistant, and vocal trainer of the world famous Tapiola Choir, Sanna has a Masters Degree in Music, from the Sibelius Academy. Sanna spent 11 years in the USA  focusing her work in New York City with El Sistema inspired music programs for children in underserved communities. She then returned to Finland in 2016, to launch her own choir organization, the Sing and Shine Choirs, to provide creative, community oriented and empowering choral training for all ages in the Helsinki Capital area .