Working with choirs and pulse

Morten Vinther – DK
When you decide to dive into pulse-based a cappella music with your choir, you will probably encounter some difficulties – whether it’s gospel music, Phil Collins, uptempo jazz or Pentatonix. 
Those challenges can look very differently, but often they can be boiled down to – lack of musical understanding and/or reference. That can either concern the individual singers or the conductor. Without pointing fingers, I would like to present some ideas that can help you identifying and solving the problems together with your choir.

About Morten Vinther
Morten graduated from the masters programme at The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg (DK) before joining The Real Group in 2010. He works with methods developed in The Real Group as well as Jim Daus Hjernøe’s ideas on “the intelligent choir” and over the years intention and connection have become two very important focuspoints.Morten is based in Germany and is currently working with Syng Selected, Postyr Project, Bonner Jazzchor and various activities connected to The Real Group Academy.