Icelandic Folk Dances

Elín Svava Elíasdóttir – IS

Elín Svava Elíasdóttir is a dance instructor for children and teenagers at Þjóðdansafélag Íslands (The Icelandic Folk Dance Society). She has been a member of the Society from early childhood and teaching children since 1986. Folk dancing certainly runs in the family as she is the third generation to join in and so have her four children and some grandchildren as well. She has been the one and only active folk dance instructor for the last decade so she is teaching all age groups. She has been organizing folk dance shows in Iceland and abroad. She is an active member of NORDLEK.

Þjóðdansafélag Reykjavíkur (The Icelandic Folk Dance Society) is an amateur club founded in 1951. The aim and purpose of the association is to preserve and pass on the cultural heritage found in Icelandic folk dances and songs/poems and support the preservation of the national costume of Iceland.

Þjóðdansafélag Reykjavíkur is a member of NORDLEK  – the association of folk dancers and folk musicians in the Nordic countries.

The workshop: At the conference Elín Svava will go through the oldest dance-form of „vikivaki“, so called „stígdans“. She will also go through some of the most popular folk songs/dances (vikivaki) in triple meter.