About Nordisk Korforum


A cooperation organisation for choir and conductor development in the north.

The organized Nordic cross-border co-operation was started in 1951. 
Central to the rationale for establishing such an organization were several needs:

The need for more meeting places for both singers and conductors,
The need to get to know each other's choral and cultural traditions,
The need for learning - both for conductors and singers. Cross-collaboration through the Nordic Choir Committee has been very important for competence addition for singers and conductors for 60 years, and it has contributed to a sense of cultural unity within the Nordic region.
From the very beginning, the conductor's conferences have been an important part of the business. The first was held in 1952. Until 1999, 16 conferences were held.

The 17th conference was held in 2010 in Aarhus with the support of the Nordic Choir Forum. 
The 18th conference was conducted in 2015 by the conductor network within the Nordic Choir Forum by the Association of Swedish Choir Leaders and the Association of Danish Choir Leaders. The Nordic choir leaders' conference brought together participants from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, the USA and Brazil, a total of over 300 people participated.
The 19th choir leader conference was held on 5-7 October 2018 in Trondheim with FONOKO as the main organizer.

In 1969, the initiative for NORDKLANG was taken, and the first festival was held in 1971. The NORDKLANG festivals have since been the mainstay of the collaboration. Every 3 years, singers and conductors met to share knowledge and experiences. The NORDKLANG booklets were diligently used both during and after the festivals and are today a cultural treasure for the choir movement in all the Nordic countries.

NORDKLANG 15 in 2013 was canceled while NORDKLANG 16 was held in Turku on 3 - 7 August 2016. The next NORDKLANG was held on 26–29 June 2019 in Helsingborg. The 18th NORDKLANG will be held in Iceland on June 29-July 2nd in 2022 following the conductors conference.