About the Conference

What is the Nordic Choral Directors Conference?

The Nordic Choral Directors Conference is a platform for Nordic choral directors to meet, share new knowledge and initiatives in choral music with each other, create new connections and get inspiration. 

The conference has a long history and was held for the first time in 1952. Since then, it has been held 19 times in the Nordic countries and in 2022 it is Iceland’s turn to welcome choral directors from the Nordic Region to the 20th conference.

The Nordic Choir Forum (Nordisk Korforum) – an organization for choir and conductors in the Nordic countries – is the conference’s founder and plays a parenting role for the project.

Where and when?

27.-29. June 2022, the Nordic Choral Directors Conference will take place for the 20th time. The festival is held in Reykjavík, Iceland. The organiser in 2022 is Félag íslenskra kórstjóra-FÍK (Association of Icelandic Choral Conductors) and Landssamband blandaðra kóra-LBK (The Association of Mixed Choirs in Iceland).

Reykjavík University is the main conference location, where workshops, lunch, lunch concerts and open-singing will take place. The building offers perfect working conditions and a beautiful costal view. Reykjavík City offers the perfect setting for this conference with a lot of possibilities of great tourist experience before and after the festival.

The workshops

The conference includes various workshops and lectures with some of the Nordic Region’s most talented conductors. The workshops have different themes, such as introducing new Nordic music and arrangements, presenting different angles and innovative methods within choral conducting, such as improvisation, new methods for warming up and new ways of performing choral music. In addition, instructors from all the Nordic countries are presented. As the conference takes place in Iceland, Icelandic conductors will present new compositions by modern Icelandic composers, and Icelandic choirs of various kinds will present Icelandic choral music through concerts; both lunch concerts and evening concerts.

What's the price and what is included?

The participation fee is:

  • Until 24 April – 50.000 ISK
  • From 25 April – 56.000 ISK
The fee includes:
  • Workshops and lectures
  • Admission to concerts
  • Digital sheet music
  • Opening ceremony and refreshments
  • Lunch (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Coffee, tea and water during breaks
  • Gala dinner